i won't say my name bc: 1. i hate it, 2. for security.
so my pronouns are she/her,16 years old,i live in the biggest (and worst) country on the Earth and I'm not in the world I should be in.
yes, as you understand, I believe that this world is not the only place where there is someone or something. after death, our soul goes to another world, a better one.
where we are now is just a starting point. I will not go into full details of what I think about this yet so let's move on to my interests.
i'm fond of astrology, programming and read a little about the occult. I also love videogames, lately it's doom, resident evil and bioshock.
I said this before, but I repeat, I am a member of tcc (especially c0lumb1ne), and if you say that I do not sympathize with the victims, you can fuck off because I sympathize lol.
I feel that this is not my body, my soul should be free. goddess of sadness and loneliness :(

I try to endure this world, but sooner or later everything comes to an end.

the forest that Sol painted. so beautiful.

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