june 1, 2021

why are people so boring and stupid? in real life. they're literally not interested in anything normal.
dude I'm not interested in hearing about your football, shut up. I want to discuss the planets of the solar system or my favorite games, or just any books.
is development really that difficult for you?? we are so insignificant in this huge world, and stupid people are worth nothing at all.
I don't want to sound selfish or anything but I really know something and smarter than some stupid fool playing football lol.no, I don't mean that I do not care about the interests of
other people, i'm always interested in learning something new from someone, but if you absolutely don't use your brain in a hobby, what is the meaning of this bullshit?
anyways, the world is not yet completely rotten, and I am really proud of the great people who existed or exist today.

june 3, 2021

unbearable suffering. I am so tired. I remember my childhood, and I understand that it will never be better. I just want to go back there and stay there forever. I do not believe.
I just don’t believe it. what my life has become. I don't want to continue. maybe it will be better with the god of sorrow. I will make myself a present for my 18th birthday.

september 11, 2021

a special day, a special person. today it was cloudy, but sometimes a couple of rays of the sun peeped out. for this person, the sun should shine all year round. he never knew me personally,
and doesn't recognize me, but I have special feelings for him, strong and incomprehensible to this world. I believe that everything that happens in this world is not in vain, and there is a pattern
in everything. his birth was destined to happen, as was his death. he deserves help, deserves to be loved, deserves good friends and a great future, but this planet didn't deserve him.
I don't know where he is now, where people are going after the liberation of the soul, but I want to believe that he finally got everything that he so wanted. he is the one with whom
this year began, the one who made me understand who I am and where I should be. I want to hope that one day we will meet, that he is waiting for me somewhere there.
I had a purpose for the rest of my worthless life,
and all thanks to him. I want to say thank you for everything, to a person who was once on this planet.
the stars and the universe are the only thing that compares to you, dylan.

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